Sixteen years ago I fell in love with Beauty and the Beast. The songs, the characters, the dresses, the dancing china, champagne bottles popping – what’s not to love? When I heard a new Beauty and the Beast was being released, it brought back those enchanting memories.. and then I thought, oh what a perfect styled shoot this would be! I called the talented Megan Fogel of Genie Leigh Photography and she was as excited as I – like two little girls when the first movie came out. We started planning, designing, and making arrangements with vendors and before we knew it – we had a date.

Megan convinced me to be the bride for this shoot, which completely put me in another element. I was the planner, designer, and model bride for the day. It was enlightening for me to see a styled shoot from this angle. It also taught me a little self-love too! Totally Chic Salon & Spa pampered me with hair and makeup for the day before I slipped into a gorgeous gown from Coastal Knot.

This shoot was all about the enchanting beauty of Belle’s wedding day. We carefully designed each area to reflect a romantic winter wedding at the castle, Atalaya Castle to be exact.

The flowers were beautifully designed by Ravin at EventWorx. Notice the hint of antlers to give the woodland feel (and Gaston’s hunting lodge). The colors are a variety of deep reds, blushing pinks, and creamy whites.

The rentals were handpicked at the EventWorks showroom with the assistance of Nicole. These items reflected the victorian romance of Belle’s dream of a wedding day.

Smaller details were provided by Martha My Dear rentals and lots of fun shopping around town and in our current inventory. Martha My Dear provided the lovely books, feather, fur throws, and rug. Megan Masser Events provided a variety of small decor pictured throughout the shoot.

And oh the food. Andrew and Terry Bland of ART Catering showcased a variety of delectable entrees, appetizers, and sweets.

Kris at Cakes by the Sea baked and designed the perfect cake for this affair. Not only was it gorgeous, but it was the perfect combination of yellow butter cake and buttercream frosting.

It was a lovely day to shoot an enchanting wedding in the Carolinas. I hope you all enjoyed our styled shoot! Thank you to the amazing team of vendors that made this possible!

Planner & Designer: Megan Masser Events

Photographer: Genie Leigh Photography

Florist: EventWorx

Caterer: ART Catering & Events

Cake: Cakes by the Sea

Rentals: EventWorks Rentals

Decor Rentals: Martha My Dear

Venue: Atalaya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park

Dress: Coastal Knot

Hair & Makeup: Totally Chic Salon & Spa


Much Love!

Megan Masser, Wedding Planner & Designer

“Tale as old as time. Song as old at rhyme.”

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell.” Belle

Our Styled Shoot has been Published by:

Brides & Weddings Magazine

Jan 11, 2017

We are so incredibly honored to be a part of so many amazing weddings! While we would love to plan & design for all of the lovely couples that contact us, we are all booked for this year! Happy Planning Loves!

Providing your own alcohol for your wedding can certainly save you money… However, you must know how much to provide so that you don’t run out. You certainly do not want to be in a pinch during the fun of the reception!

I’ve put together a few tips from myself and some helpful websites. As a word of caution, please make sure to check your state’s laws on abc permits. (NC ABC Permit Here). It is always best to hire a full-service caterer or bartender to serve even if you are providing the alcohol. This way you can be covered by their liability and they know all of the laws regarding serving. Additional liability insurance for weddings can be purchased on Markel Insurance and similar companies. I always recommend this as it is best to be covered for all circumstances.

How much? I recommend to my clients to go down their guest list and mark a (best guess) W, B, or L next to the guest name so they have an idea of what percentage of guests drink what. Those that typically drink beer switch to liquor but typically those that drink wine stick to wine. I also recommend 3-5 drinks per person minimum in a four hour time period. A Practical Wedding wrote a great article on this topic and has a great sample breakdown on quantities. View another sample shopping list on The Knot. Of course you know your guests more than anyone and how much they do or do not drink so feel free to increase or decrease these quantities.

What kind? Your guests, and their hangovers, will be ever grateful if you pay a little more for the nicer brands. Make sure it is something you would enjoy drinking too. For a fully stocked bar, I would recommend… Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, Gin, White Wine (Chardonnay and/or Pinot Grigio), Red Wine (Merlot, Cabernet, and/or Pinot Noir), Sparkling (Champagne or Prosecco), and Beer (Dark, Light, and Specialty).

Mixers? If you are providing the alcohol you are most-likely also providing the mixers. At minimum, I would recommend… Sodas (Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Club Soda), Juices (Cranberry, OJ, Pineapple, Lemon/Lime or Triple Sec), Garnish (Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Cherries, Mint, Etc).

What about Signature Drinks? I love personalizing each wedding unique to the couple. This is one of those small details that guests will notice if you do have it but won’t necessarily notice if you do not. Just make sure it is something that your bartender is able to whip together quickly with ingredients that are on-hand! Here are a few ideas for signature drinks.

ICE, Ice Baby! Yes, I went there. But really, make sure you have enough ice to not only keep your drinks cold but also clean ice to put in your drinks. You would be surprised how much ice a wedding goes through during the warm Carolina weather. Be prepared or ask for an ice package from you caterer! At one wedding I ran out and purchased 100 pounds of ice for a 75 person basic bar!

Cups? Don’t forget your glassware, plasticware, etc. Add this on to your caterer or rental company if possible. Keep in mind that most guests do not return to the bar with their original glass or cup so you will need 3x the amount of glasses.. unless a staff member is on-site cleaning used glassware. I have known many clients to start with glassware and switch to plasticware later in the evening. This is personal preference and also has to do with house rules. Beach homes that have a pool will not allow any glassware what-so-ever. Oh – and don’t forget the cute straws too! Etsy has some pretty adorable straws and labels for drinks.

Last, but not least, have fun but be safe! If you are having an open bar, have safe options for your guests to get back to their home for the night. There are plenty of shuttle companies and cabs out there to assist!

I hope you found my article on providing your own booze helpful! There are tons of sites out there to help with additional drink recipes, quantities, and laws. Be sure to include your caterer and bartender in on the planning of your bar and you will be good to go! Enjoy!

Happy Planning! xoxo Megan

Sep 09, 2015

I just adore these baskets of goodies! I remember when I worked at the Mills House in Charleston and a local wedding planner delivered them to the front desk to hand out to guests as they arrived. Oh my goodness, they were so cute! They were packed full of Southern delights, Charleston maps, hangover helpers, and lots of little goodies. As the guests arrived they were so excited to receive them too.

Here are a few ideas of what to place in your Welcome Baskets:

  • Itinerary for the Week/Day/Etc
  • Transportation Details, for example a shuttle schedule to and from the wedding
  • Local Maps and Guides to the area
  • Local Menus, Coupon Books, Attraction Brochures
  • Tickets to a local museum
  • Coffee from the local shop
  • Tylenol, Eye Drops, and Pepto for that long night of fun
  • Water Bottles, also for that long night of fun
  • Personalized Door Hangers (Privacy: We stayed up all night partying with the new Mr. & Mrs.)
  • Kid’s Activities for the little ones that come along
  • Wine from local Vineyard / Beer from local Brewery
  • Homemade Cookies made by Aunt or Granny
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray / Lotion
  • Anything Cute & Homemade
  • Bride & Groom Favorites from the area


Sep 09, 2015

So do you need to send out a Save the Date invitation? To most of my couples, I have to say yes. With having a destination wedding it is polite to inform your guests of your wedding at least six to eight months prior. This gives them time to save money and make travel arrangements. If you are a local, a nice invitation will do just fine – unless you want extra cutesy details..

Before you jump into sending out those adorable Save the Dates, make sure you have a few key items completed first:

  • Booked Venue locked down with a contract. This does not mean a date “penciled-in” I mean the real deal, actual Wedding Date, deposit, ink on the dotted line, etc.
  • Completed, Confirmed, Final Guest List. There is nothing worse then sending out a save the date to someone then never following up with an invitation because you changed your mind (ouch!), the venue is too small, or whatever reason you come up with. Please don’t do this.
  • Wedding Website with all the fun details. I know they can be a little cheesy sometimes but they really help the guests with all the FAQs. Help your guests feel comfortable and try to upload as much info as possible as you get it. Such as: Your Story, Wedding Party, Physical Addresses of Wedding and Reception, Directions, Accommodations, Rehearsal/Cookout Details, Things to Do, Shuttle Service, Transportation from Airports, Attire for Wedding, Etc. There are free sites available all over the net – just pick one that works best for you.
  • Include Invitation to Follow somewhere on the Save the Date so the guests know to expect the formal invite closer to the wedding date so they can officially RSVP.

Hope these tips help you with your Save the Dates. Happy Planning! :)


Seating charts are great, not only will they ensure that your guests know who they will be seated with but they also make certain that each guest does have a seat. If you do not create a seating chart, you are taking a gamble that your guests will know to sit in every chair and not leave a chair empty at every other table. We hear from brides that this is a daunting task and one they would prefer not to worry with. However, we believe that the positives outweigh the stress of assembling the chart and cards. Here are some helpful tips that we hope will assist you in the planning process:


Tips for Seating Charts

  • Place Seating Chart in accessible location such as a table going into or leaving cocktail hour.
  • DIY Charts: Handwritten on chalkboard, mirror, or window pane; On cards displayed on a table, in a tray, on shutters, hanging from a tree, tied to mason jars, tied to favors, etc.
  • Organize place cards in alphabetical order vs. table number, simply for the reason it is much easier to find yourself by your name then by a table number you do not know to begin with.
  • Double-up on place cards if your guests are to sit in a specific seat. For example, if this is a seated dinner, have a place card already at their seat so when they arrive at the table there is no question for the guest or the server.


Tips for Table Layouts

  • Allow 60” between tablesto allow enough room for not only the chairs to scoot out but also for the wait staff/guests to walk between them.
  • If the table says it seats 8-10 guests, that means 8 would sit comfortably and 10 would squeeze in.
  • Guests giving toasts should be at a table close to the front or with easy access to the mic.
  • Don’t forget, it is okay to ask for help from your family and his family on which guests to place together – and more importantly – who not to seat together.


This is an abbreviated version of seating charts and placements but we hope it helps you in your planning process. Most importantly, do what works best for you and your style, and, of course, feel free to run it by your planner or caterer. :)


Apr 02, 2015

When planning and designing an event space, it is necessary to be certain that the linens not only match the color palette of the event, but they also fit the tables perfectly. This is something that we do with our coordination packages, however, if you are without a planner here is a little direction to assist your linen rentals:

48” Round – 108” Floor

60” Round – 120” Floor / 108” Lap

72” Round – 132” Floor / 120” Lap

6’ Banquet – 90”x132” / 72”x120” Lap

8’ Banquet – 90”x156” / 72”x120” Lap

Serpentine – 90”x132”


If using cocktail tables, floor length linens would be 120” but if you are tying the linen with a sash, we would recommend using 132” linen so the base of the table does not show. It is always nice to add a little extra to your tables too! Rental companies offer a variety of overlays and additional styles to “fluff” on tables. As always, brides are always encouraged to use their own style and add in additional décor. Feel free to send us photos or bring in swatches to your meeting and we will find a color and style that work best with your event!

A simple example of the Ceremony Processional
(30 Minutes of Pre-Ceremony Music)

(Change in Song to start the Ceremony)
Seating of the Grandparents
Seating of the Parents (Optional: Mothers light the unity candles)
Officiant/Minister followed by the Groom
Groomsmen in Order of Best Man – Last Groomsmen

(Optional: Change in Song)
Bridesmaids in order of Last through Maid/Matron of Honor
Ring Bearer
Flower Girl

(Optional: Change in Song)
Bride escorted by Father/Mother/Close Family or Friend (Bride walks on the Left Side)

*Bride’s side on the Left / Groom’s side on the Right
**Traditionally, Ushers are to extend their right arm when seating guests – however – depending on what side the guest is being seated  it would make sense for them to extend their left arm for the bride’s side or their right arm for the groom’s side. (This way the guest escorted would not have to walk in front of the usher).


Jul 15, 2014

Hello all!

First, let me say that I adore weddings that capture the personalities of the couple. One of the ways that you can do this is by tailoring your ceremony to fit your style. Here is a sample guideline of a non-denominational ceremony, then put your own creative spin on it!

Opening Words

Giving in Marriage (Who gives this..)

Opening Prayer or Reading

Definition of Marriage / Love Story

Wedding Vows

Second Reading or Song

Exchange of Rings

Unity Ceremony


Declaration of Marriage

Introduction of Newlyweds


Sep 12, 2013

Oh Burlap! Everyone is LOVING the burlap lately so I thought I would show you how to do your own burlap bunting. It is actually pretty simple as long as you have a few key tools: One of those X-Acto cutting pads, Rotary Cutter, Ruler,  Cardstock Paper, 4″ or whatever size you wish of Lettering Stencils (unless you want to draw the letters..), Burlap, Paint, Stencil Brush, Scissors, Twine & Lint Roller.

First, you want to start out creating a stencil to use for all of your triangle bunting pieces. Basically, print out a triangle or google “bunting patterns”. Once you have your image, print it out on a piece of cardstock paper and cut into shape. Next, lay your burlap out flat and place the x-acto pad under the burlap where you are going to start cutting. Place the stencil on top, and use the ruler as a guide so you don’t cut your stencil too – then using the rotary cutter (trust me this is much easier than scissors!) cut out your triangle. Continue to do this – I just kept flipping the triangle up and down the whole way – until you have as many as you need.

Now that you have all the pieces ready and are probably COVERED in burlap threads (note: that is what the lint roller is for), get your paint, brush & stencil. So here’s the fun part, cut the cardstock into the same size as the stencils – cut as many pieces as you have bunting. This is what you will use to lay beneath your burlap and change out with each letter. Basically, here were my “layers”: Table, Piece of Paper, Cardstock Square, Burlap, Stencil. Now you can easily hold the stencil down tightly and dab your brush using a little bit of paint at a time – you don’t want it to bleed. Continue this for as many bunting letters as you need..

Finally! After they have all dried, you get to put them together. There are a few ways to do this. If you love to sew, you can go ahead and place your twine at the top and fold the burlap over, pin it and you know the drill. If you’re not big on the whole sewing thing.. Grab a hot glue gun and glue the twine to the back of the bunting – try to keep it about half an inch from the top and don’t burn your fingers! :) …and Voila!