A simple example of the Ceremony Processional
(30 Minutes of Pre-Ceremony Music)

(Change in Song to start the Ceremony)
Seating of the Grandparents
Seating of the Parents (Optional: Mothers light the unity candles)
Officiant/Minister followed by the Groom
Groomsmen in Order of Best Man – Last Groomsmen

(Optional: Change in Song)
Bridesmaids in order of Last through Maid/Matron of Honor
Ring Bearer
Flower Girl

(Optional: Change in Song)
Bride escorted by Father/Mother/Close Family or Friend (Bride walks on the Left Side)

*Bride’s side on the Left / Groom’s side on the Right
**Traditionally, Ushers are to extend their right arm when seating guests – however – depending on what side the guest is being seated ┬áit would make sense for them to extend their left arm for the bride’s side or their right arm for the groom’s side. (This way the guest escorted would not have to walk in front of the usher).